Thank you for your interest in Clover Creek cultivation and production! To ensure compliance with SEC rules all interested parties must be an accredited investor as defined by Regulation D, click here for details

If qualifying factors have been met, review and complete the questionnaire below and we will be in contact to discuss interest and next steps. From there, we will send you a Clover Creek Investor package that can provide more information. We look forward to connecting with you.


The Clover Creek Team

  • Licensed Medical and Recreational facility as of January 2019

  • 203 acres land purchased in 2018

  • Water rights secured are equivalent to 130% of full-capacity demand (77M gallons annually)

  • Ideal environment for greenhouse cultivation

  • Implementation of a skilled workforce with cultivation experience

  • 276,000 SQFT of greenhouse with capacity to produce 27,000 LBS of premium cannabis annually

  • 5,000 SQFT extraction lab with capacity to produce 5,000 Liters of extract annually

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A licensed cannabis cultivation and production company, Clover Creek has built an extensive network with the sourcing, production and transportation capabilities to meet the needs of customers in Nevada. Clover Creek Cultivation is a leader in the production of cannabis flower, concentrated extracts and all-encompassing avenues within the Industry. At Clover Creek Cultivation, we work closely with our investors to provide a matrix of value, quality, services and products.